Is Sweetcorn FODMAP Friendly? (Updated 2022)

September 29, 2022 (Last Updated: December 19, 2022)
sweetcorn fodmap

Is sweetcorn FODMAP friendly? Sweetcorn FODMAP levels are low when eaten in moderation. The serving size for sweetcorn is 1/2 cob or 38 grams. How its processed and amount eaten changes sweetcorn FODMAP levels. 

We’re going to have a look at a few things today:

Let’s get right into it, what makes it low or high FODMAP?

Is Sweetcorn FODMAP Friendly?

sweetcorn fodmap

Sweetcorn contains fructans and sorbitol- two FODMAPs that make it difficult for people with IBS to digest. The ‘O’ (oligosaccharide) in FODMAP is fructan and the ‘P’ (polyol) is sorbitol. Sorbitol is the main substance that makes sweetcorn sweet.

Monash University recommends a serving size of 1/2 a cob or 38 grams for fresh sweetcorn or corn on a cob. They have retested the amount for canned corn and it’s good news. According to Monash’s low FODMAP app, canned corn’s serving size is now up tp 1/3 cup or 90 grams.

However, Fodmapedia states that canned corn is low FODMAP at 1 cup or 75 grams. Serving sizes of 3⅓ cups or 250 grams is moderate and high at 4 cups or 310 grams. 

About Sweet Corn

sweetcorn fodmap

Sweetcorn is the most common corn variety. It’s called sweetcorn because of how sweet it is compared to other corn varieties. It’s harvested in an immature stage called the milk stage. Sweetcorn is sold as corn on the cob, canned (tinned sweetcorn) or frozen.

Did you know that sweetcorn FODMAP levels are different compared to other corn? There are 6 types of corn used to make different corn products. Sweetcorn is one of them.

The other 5 are flour corn, popcorn, flint, dent, and waxy corn. Read more about corn FODMAPs in this article:

Is corn low FODMAP? 

We cover the different FODMAP levels of each corn variety and list high and low FODMAP corn products. Here are some  sweetcorn benefits if you’re thinking of adding sweetcorn into your low FODMAP diet.

Benefits Of Sweetcorn

sweetcorn fodmap

Sweetcorn is delicious and it’s got lots of benefits when eaten in the right quantities for us IBS folks.

  • Sweetcorn is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C.
  • It’s high in fiber which is great for the digestive system and makes you feel fuller for longer.
  • Apparently, sweetcorn may reduce the risk of heart disease and bowel cancer [1].

Helpful Tips For Adding Sweetcorn To Low FODMAP Diet

It might seem hard to factor corn into your diet if you think about sweetcorn FODMAP serving sizes but I’ve found that changing the way you look at food can really help with a full, fun, and happy low FODMAP diet. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind with sweetcorn:

  • Think of sweetcorn as a snack or topping instead of a side dish or main part of a meal.
  • Eat it in moderation and listen to your body.
  • Follow the serving size recommended by Monash App for the low FODMAP diet.

The final stop in our sweetcorn FODMAP article is a compilation of questions about sweetcorn and IBS.

Questions About Sweetcorn FODMAP

sweetcorn fodmap

Not only are there 6 types of corn but the many varieties of sweetcorn products means the sweetcorn FODMAPs change. To make things a little easier, I’ve put together a list of sweetcorn products and their FODMAPs. 

All information in regards to serving size is from Monash and FODMAP-Friendly:

Is frozen corn low FODMAP?

It’s not tested but it might be high FODMAP because it’s frozen sweetcorn. Stay within the 38 gram serving size when you eat frozen corn.

Is corn on the cob low FODMAP?

As mentioned earlier, corn on the cob is low FODMAP at 1/2 a cob or 38 grams. Larger serving sizes result in moderate to high FODMAPs.

Is canned creamed corn low FODMAP?

Cream of corn is okay at 1/3 cup or 90 grams but avoid this product if there are high FODMAP ingredients and added sugars like high fructose corn syrup.

Is canned corn low FODMAP?

Canned sweetcorn is low FODMAP at 1/3 cup or 90 grams but canned corn kernels have a serving size of 75 grams. Canned corn has a larger serving size because FODMAPs are water soluble.

FODMAPs wash away when corn is drained and washed. This same principal applies to otherwise high FODMAP foods like tofu. 

There you have it! What do you think? Is sweetcorn FODMAP friendly? I hope this post cleared up a few things, whether you looked up “is sweet corn low FODMAP?” or “sweetcorn FODMAP”. Interested in learning if corn is low FODMAP? Click here!

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