15+ Low FODMAP Vegan Recipes You’ll Love

August 29, 2022 (Last Updated: November 25, 2022)
low fodmap vegan

We’ve got 15+ amazing low FODMAP vegan recipes for you! These low FODMAP vegan recipes are some of our all time favorites. Eating on an IBS and vegan diet might seem like a boring challenge. That’s why we came up with these vegan FODMAP recipes.

To eat yummy vegan low FODMAP meals at home. They’re easy to make, delicious, and they’re fun. Here’s an overview of 15+ of our favorite low FODMAP vegan recipes:

  1. Basic Sourdough
  2. Black Sesame Sourdough 
  3. Vegan Roast Vegetable Strudel
  4. Low FODMAP Eggplant Bao Burgers
  5. Braised Low FODMAP Eggplant
  6. Low FODMAP Zucchini Curry (Rendang)
  7. Low FODMAP Tofu Recipe (In ONLY 5 minutes)
  8. No Fish Vegan Thai Fish Cakes
  9. Low FODMAP Thai Vegan Curry
  10. Coconut Mochi In MINUTES
  11. Low FODMAP Pudding (4 Ingredients ONLY)
  12. Rose & Coconut Sago Cake Bars
  13. Coconut Jam
  14. Coconut Jam Hand Pies
  15. Cranberry Blueberry Sourdough

We’ve got bread, desserts, and plenty of gut-friendly vegan food for you. Let’s dive in with 14 low FODMAP vegan recipes we hope you’ll love.

15+ Low FODMAP Vegan Recipes You Need To Try

It seemed like everything came with a warning label when we started eating low FODMAP. Most of our favorite vegetables were now off limits and so were a lot of our favorite meals. But after learning what worked for us, finding substitutes, and watching our serving sizes, we came up with these low FODMAP vegan recipes.

Bread was the hardest thing to say “goodbye” to. But those days are over! Make your own artisanal low FODMAP bread at home with these two sourdough bread recipes.

Basic Sourdough

Our first stop on this low FODMAP vegan recipes post is bread! There’s a myth that a low FODMAP diet means zero bread or gluten free bread that’s filled with FODMAPs. But this recipe is a great beginners guide to making low FODMAP sourdough bread at home with wheat flour. 

low fodmap vegan recipes

More information about why sourdough is low FODMAP, where to buy low FODMAP breads online, and how to make them at home right here

Black Sesame Sourdough 

Try making this black sesame sourdough recipe if you want to have bread on a low FODMAP diet! It’s easy to make, absolutely delicious and only takes 4 ingredients. All you need is water, regular flour, a sourdough starter, and black sesame seeds.

low fodmap vegan recipes

Another vegan treat to try? Vegan low FODMAP roast vegetable strudel.

Vegan Roast Vegetable Strudel

This vegan vegetable strudel is perfect if you love roasted vegetables and crisp buttered filo pastry. It’s a low FODMAP vegetable strudel filo pastry recipe that started with a bunch of random vegetables lying around in the fridge. Make this low FODMAP vegan strudel with your favorite veggies.

low fodmap vegan recipes

The next recipe is one of our favorite low FODMAP vegan recipes: eggplant burgers!

Low FODMAP Eggplant Bao Burgers

This is a low FODMAP veggie burger with an Asian twist. The crispy eggplant patties, quick pickled veggies, and sauce make for an amazing out of this world combination.

low fodmap vegan recipes

Our other favorite low FODMAP eggplant recipe is this asian braised eggplant.

Braised Low FODMAP Eggplant

This braised vegan low FODMAP eggplant dish is slow cooked in the oven. The eggplant is fork tender, served over a bed of white rice, and topped with a creamy tahini sauce.

low fodmap vegan recipes

Not a fan of eggplant? Try making our coconut milk zucchini rendang.

Low FODMAP Zucchini Curry (Rendang)

One of the first things we made on our low FODMAP vegan diet was this zucchini rendang. Rendang is a type of slow cooked coconut curry dish that’s made with chicken or beef. Our vegan low FODMAP version gives you all the delicious flavors of this Malaysian classic without the FODMAPs or the meat.

vegan rendang

Low FODMAP Tofu Recipe (5 Ingredients & 5 minutes)

A 5 minute tofu dish? Say no more. This rich coconut stew is great on its own or served with rice. The best thing is that you can basically throw in any vegetable you like and make it your own.

No Fish Vegan Thai Fish Cakes

All you need is galangal, lime leaves, lemongrass, and some eggplants and you’ve got authentic vegan Thai fish cakes. This amazing low FODMAP Thai fish cakes are vegan and soy free.

Thai Low FODMAP Vegan Curry

I’m really proud of this low FODMAP vegan curry because it tastes exactly like the curry my mom made for me growing up in Thailand. This dish takes about 25 minutes to make and all I used was homemade low FODMAP curry paste, some coconut milk and whatever vegetables I had left in the fridge.

Making low FODMAP curries may seem hard but it’s actually really easy. I know not everyone can find a low FODMAP curry paste at their local grocers but you’ll have no trouble finding the ingredients for this low FODMAP curry paste anywhere.

low fodmap vegan curry

There was a lot we thought we had to give up on a low FODMAP vegan diet but after learning about our triggers and serving sizes, we were able to enjoy some sweet treats and create some low FODMAP vegan recipes for our sweet tooth cravings. First up on our dessert list is coconut mochi.

Coconut Mochi In MINUTES

Low FODMAP vegan recipes but make them sweet! This delicious coconut mochi is made in minutes with glutinous rice flour, coconut sugar, coconut flakes, and pandan extract. It’s sweet, salty, chewy, and absolutely amazing. 

low fodmap vegan recipes

Coconut, pandan, and sugar are a match made in heaven. Our low FODMAP pudding showcases these three flavors. 

Low FODMAP Pudding (4 Ingredients ONLY)

Make this refreshing low FODMAP pudding with sago, pandan, coconut milk, and coconut sugar. Sago is a type of starch that is similar to boba pearls, only smaller. They’re fun to eat and are a very versatile dessert.

low fodmap vegan recipes

The next recipe features sago but as cake bars.

Rose & Coconut Sago Cake Bars

Have you had sago cake bars? They’re gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, easy to make, and yummy! The sago pearls are cooked with rose extract and sugar, cut into bars and covered in desiccated coconut.

low fodmap vegan recipes

Coconut Jam

Have you ever heard of coconut jam? This is a childhood favorite of our low FODMAP vegan recipes. It’s thick, creamy, rich, and the perfect thing to spread on top of toasted buttered bread.

low fodmap vegan recipes

Coconut jam is also great in hand pies, also known as kaya puff.

Coconut Jam Hand Pies

Make these flaky, crispy, coconut jam filled hand pies with our vegan low FODMAP eggless coconut jam recipe. These hand pies (kaya puff in Malay) can be deep fried or air fried and are the perfect afternoon snack or dessert. 

low fodmap vegan recipes

The last thing on our low FODMAP vegan recipes list is a dessert sourdough bread recipe.

Cranberry Blueberry Sourdough

Say hello to delicious sweet sourdough bread with this cranberry blueberry sourdough bread recipe. It’s filled with sweet and sour dried blueberries and cranberries and has a nutty black sesame seed crust. 

low fodmap vegan recipes

Following an IBS vegetarian diet? Click here for a low FODMAP vegetarian meal plan with over 21+ vegetarian and low FODMAP recipes.

Whether you’re following a low FODMAP vegan diet or a low FODMAP vegetarian diet, there’s always a way to enjoy some of your favorite foods. The low FODMAP diet doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. 

Make sure to find out what works for you and how much you can tolerate when it comes to certain foods. You’ll be making your own low FODMAP vegan recipes at home too. What are some of your favorite meals that you’d like to see us tackle and transform into low FODMAP vegan recipes?

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