About Us

Hello! We’re Lisa and Aisha and we’re here to help you make tasty food with a twist! If you have IBS, are following the low fodmap diet, eat vegan or vegetarian, then you’ve come to the right place. We also create dishes that are equally simple and delicious but do not follow the above guidelines.

We’re two women who have a borderline unhealthy obsession with food and who happen to have irritable bowels (too much information?). We started this blog because we could not find food that adhered to these restrictions and satisfied our palates. Add budget constraints and busy schedules into the mix and -well we don’t need to tell you what that’s like.

Our posts offer dishes that include IBS-friendly alternatives, substitutes for ingredients, plus neat tips and tricks to help you navigate the kitchen with ease and efficiency.

Delicious Food On A Budget (& Without Fancy Tools)

The general consensus is that you need culinary training to make mouth-watering, fine dining, ‘pretty’ food. But we’re here to tell you that is NOT the case. Look at some of the dishes we’ve made from our home kitchen that didn’t make a dent in our wallets, require any training, or utilize fancy equipment.

Left to right: 1) Butter poached lobster tail, shellfish cream, sage oil, salicornia, and caviar 2) Strawberry tart, vanilla cream, edible flowers 3) Homemade BBQ bao buns 4) Assorted macarons; passion fruit, salted caramel, pina colada, vanilla.

We always cook on a budget and in season. Heck, we’ve lived on a rotation of 3 vegetables and managed to turn them into 4 different dishes that make your tastebuds dance just with pantry staples and spices. We find shortcuts with creative solutions for tools when we want to create a dish that requires fancy equipment.

Because making delicious and visually stunning food doesn’t mean needing culinary experience, a lot of money, or fancy tools -of course, it helps but it is not necessary. It’s all about technique and ingredients.

Our Goal

Left to right: 1) Nasi lemak with chicken rendang 2) Grilled eggplant, pumpkin, feta, sage 3) Homemade pickles, gua bao buns, braised beef 4) Chilled tofu dish

We’re the kind of people that love any excuse to cook and really, we just love sharing that experience with others. Eating is a big part of everyone’s day, there’s no reason dietary restrictions should get in the way of cooking or enjoying good food.

If you’re new to low fodmap, have taken the steps to change your diet, know what works for you, and are looking for exciting, no-fuss dishes that will fit into your day-to-day life, then you’ve come to the right place.

Low Fodmap, Vegan, Vegetarian & More

Looking for yummy food that took dietary restrictions for IBS into consideration was a challenge. And the recipes we did find, didn’t excite us to go through with the dietary change we needed to make. Add being weekly vegan and vegetarians into the mix and you’ll know that there are very limited options.

The recipes on our blog are our attempts at creating simple low fodmap, vegan, and or vegetarian food that is both delicious and exciting. We also make exceptions and have recipes that do not follow these guidelines.

Having IBS doesn’t mean we know everything about it. We do know not everyone has the same tolerances but we’ve taken the time to root out problematic ingredients and come up with recipes like this that work for us.

Our food is not revolutionary but they are dishes we are proud of and loved by our community. We have always been told to start a restaurant but we thought a better way to bring our food into your home is via this blog.

This is the food we eat and serve to the ones we love. Which is why we hope the recipes on this website bring a smile to your face, leave you with a full belly, and bowels that do not disagree with you. 

A Little Bit About Lisa

Lisa is three parts cheese; she’s part French, Dutch, and Italian. Growing up with French and Italian cuisine, she wanted to work in the culinary world and trained in the field briefly but found the pace and lifestyle of working in a professional kitchen off-putting. Lisa followed her other passion -psychology- and kept her love for cooking as a hobby.

She loves traveling, sampling the local delicacies of different countries, expanding her palate, and is the kind of person that would spend most of her paycheck on a good meal. Lisa’s favorite thing to do is eat Aisha’s food.

A Little Bit About Aisha

Aisha’s heritage is a melting pot of cultures too; she’s part Thai, Pakistani, and Malaysian. Every facet of her life and childhood revolved around food. She’s been cooking since she was 3 and has learned how to from the women in her life. She’s the kind of person that learns to make kimchi and waits two weeks for it to ferment, spends 7 hours laminating pastry to make pâte feuilletée, or relentlessly baked countless macarons before she was successful (this took 5 tries and many many eggs). Unnecessary but wildly rewarding.