Is Garlic Powder Low FODMAP? 4 Garlic Substitutes For IBS

October 20, 2022 (Last Updated: December 14, 2022)
is garlic powder low fodmap

Is garlic powder low FODMAP? That’s the question we’ll answer in today’s post. Not only is garlic powder low FODMAP but what are some FODMAP-friendly substitutes that you can have in your life. Stick around to the end to find out if you can have regular garlic in your IBS low FODMAP diet.

Here’s an overview of everything we’ll cover in this post:

It’s understandable if someone tells you that you can’t have garlic or onion anymore that you’d be looking for solutions. No garlic should mean yes garlic powder right? Well, let’s find out.

Is Garlic Powder Low FODMAP

is garlic powder low fodmap

The question you came here for, “is garlic powder low FODMAP,” has one answer. It’s not. The answer is the same for onion powder FODMAP too. Garlic powder is powdered dehydrated garlic cloves. Garlic cloves have high amounts of FODMAPs, specifically the ‘O’ (Fructo-oligosaccharides or Fructans) in FODMAP. This same short chain carb is also found in onions, leeks, alliums, and other foods like wheat.

You may not be able to have garlic or garlic powder on a low FODMAP diet but that doesn’t mean you have to eat bland food. Luckily for us, there are TONS of ways to add garlic flavor to food without pesky FODMAPs.

Low FODMAP Garlic Substitutes

There are some lucky low FODMAPers out there that can have garlic and onion in their diet but some of us aren’t that lucky. So what are some garlic alternative FODMAP certified options?

  • Garlic infused oil
  • Asafoetida or Hing
  • Garlic salt
  • Garlic scape powder

Infused oil or garlic oil is the most common low FODMAP substitute for garlic (and onion). It may be confusing why garlic is not okay with IBS but garlic oil is. Let’s find out about that:

Garlic Infused Oil

Garlic oil is oil that’s been infused with garlic. The oil takes on garlic flavor without the FODMAPs. FODMAPs are water soluble, not oil-soluble. This means they don’t spread to the oil and stay contained to the garlic cloves.

Monash University has tested garlic oil and other infused flavored oils as low FODMAP. BUT there is a fine print. Not all garlic oils are low FODMAP. Have a read through the garlic oil FAQ to make sure you’re choosing the right oil.

Are all garlic oils low FODMAP?

The idea behind low FODMAP garlic oil is that the oil remains low FODMAP as long as the garlic pieces are removed entirely before eating or cooking with foods that contain water. Some infused oils use different methods, so it’s hard to say if all garlic oils are suitable. 

Choosing certified and lab tested products is the best way to ensure you’re making the best choice. 

How do I use garlic oil?  

The best way to use garlic oil or any other garlic flavoring is to use it as a way to impart a subtle garlic flavor. Replace garlic and olive oil in a recipe with garlic oil. You can use it to cook, drizzle over salads or meals. 

Here’s how I use it for low FODMAP recipes or regular recipes that call for oil and garlic. A lot of savory recipes start with an oil, fat or aromatic like garlic. I recommend using a 1:1 substitute for both garlic and oil. 

From the most common low FODMAP garlic replacement to one that I’m struggling to pronounce: Asafoetida powder.

Asafoetida Powder (or Hing)

Image from Amazon

Is asafoetida low FODMAP? Yes! Monash University has tested this Indian seasoning and it  has the green light. Asafoetida or hing is a dried resin that resembles the taste of onion and garlic without the FODMAPs. It’s gluten-free and is commonly used in India for cooking and in traditional medicine. 

Have some questions about this seasoning? You’re not alone. Here are some of the web’s most asked questions about asafoetida.

How do I use asafoetida? 

Treat asafoetida like any raw spice. Raw powdered spices are often harsh in flavor. Saute the powder for a minute or two in some oil, butter, or ghee just like you would onion or garlic. This will mellow out the smell and flavor. I don’t recommend eating this raw or directly adding it to food without sauteing it first.

You can use the infused oil as a base to cook all your low FODMAP meals. Use this oil

Where can I buy asafoetida? 

I haven’t seen this powder in US or European grocery stores but you can definitely find it at Asian or Indian grocers. You can also order asafoetida powder on Amazon or Casa de Sante.

Not too convinced about asafoetida? Garlic salt might be a more comfortable choice.

Garlic Salt

Can you have Garlic Salt with IBS? If you Googled “is garlic salt low FODMAP” you probably found that it’s high FODMAP [1]. But Smoke Sanity Essence garlic salt is low FODMAP certified! 

The company says Essence of Garlic Salt is “a garlic flavored salt without the typical gastrointestinal triggers associated with garlic.” You can use garlic salt in combination with garlic infused oil. Ditch the regular salt and use this instead to add garlic back into your diet. 

Garlic Salt vs Garlic Powder

It’s important to note that garlic salt is different from garlic powder. Garlic salt is garlic flavored salt and garlic powder is pure garlic. It’s dehydrated garlic cloves in powder form and is not low FODMAP. Garlic salt with garlic powder in it is not low FODMAP.

The final obscure ingredient that I never knew the name of (but have unknowingly seen at the supermarket) is garlic scape powder.

Garlic Scape Powder

Garlic scape powder is tested and low FODMAP certified by Monash with a serving size of 1/4 or 0.3 grams. The plant itself has a mild flavor of garlic and this seasoning gives food a subtle garlicky flavor. 

Gourmend Low FODMAP Foods’ Garlic Scape Powder is the brand tested garlic scape powder. Larger serving sizes may contain moderate to high fructans. 

What is garlic scape powder?

Garlic scape powder is made from garlic scape plants. They’re immature stalks that grow from garlic plants.  Garlic scapes turn into flowers when garlic matures. Fresh garlic scapes have not been tested yet. Always make sure to test small amounts of untested foods to manage any triggers or symptoms.

How do I use it?

Use garlic scape powder the same way as garlic powder. Add it while cooking rather than raw. 

A lot of these low FODMAP garlic options are available only but there are plenty of in store options in grocery stores. The next section are some low FODMAP certified garlic and onion alternatives you can find in the US.

Store Bought Low FODMAP Certified Garlic & Onion Oil

You can buy low FODMAP garlic or onion infused oil at Walmart or Whole Foods!


Colavita Roasted Garlic Olive Oil (certified low FODMAP)

Garlic Gold Garlic Infused Olive Oil

La Tourangelle Garlic-Infused Sunflower Oil

Weirdly enough, Walmart’s online catalog has a ton of Fody Foods products except for their garlic and onion infused oil. So, head on over to Whole Foods for Fody Foods’ low FODMAP oils.

Whole Foods:

Fody Foods Garlic-Infused Olive Oil (certified low FODMAP)  

Fody Foods Shallot-Infused Olive Oil (certified low FODMAP) 

The low FODMAP diet is something we’re constantly learning about. Our understanding of this changing diet is always growing thanks to all of Monash University’s research! But does that mean people with IBS have to live their whole lives without ever having onions or garlic?

Low FODMAP Myths: Do I Need To Avoid Garlic And Onion Forever If I Have IBS?

No, you don’t have to avoid garlic and onion forever if you have IBS. Monash [2] writes that you can add garlic and onion pieces when cooking but you have to remove them before adding anything else to the dish. 

Additionally, garlic, onion or any high FODMAP food is only avoided in the elimination phase. Those foods are tested in the reintroduction phase, where their tolerance is evaluated. You can add ingredients back to your diet once you know what you can eat and how much of it works for you.

No two people are the same. My mother-in-law has IBS and has zero issue eating chunks of onions, my partner can eat garlic, and I enjoy copious amounts of tofu and soy products without an issue. 

With that being said, you need to find out what works for you. I haven’t been able to eat onions for years now but love the onion flavor the green tops of leeks and spring onions add to my meals.

I hope this article “is garlic low FODMAP,” helped you in some way shape or form. The most important thing is to always check with a nutritionist, dietitian, or doctor before completely restricting foods. Use Monash’s FODMAP App as a guideline and do what’s best for your body.

Not sure about other spices like ginger? Read all about it here:

Are Leeks Low FODMAP?

Is Ginger Low FODMAP?

Try making some of our favorite low FODMA Asian recipes! or some of our other garlicky recipes.

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