Low FODMAP Christmas Recipes & How To Survive Eating Out

December 7, 2022
low fodmap christmas recipes

There are hundreds of low FODMAP christmas recipes out there but the low FODMAP christmas recipes I’m about to share with you are some of my family favorites that even our non-IBS family members enjoy. 

Making a low FODMAP christmas meal is a great way to avoid flare ups but you’re not always going to be the one in the kitchen.

Following a low FODMAP meal plan doesn’t mean missing out on all the holiday fun. Aside from christmas favorites, I’ll show you how to have regular christmas fun with, “eating out: Low FODMAP Christmas Edition”: 

Stick around to learn how to make some show stopping low FODMAP christmas meals and navigate IBS at dinner parties (without making a fuss).

Low FODMAP Christmas Recipes

Holiday seasons are my favorite because, well, food. And although food is the best part of any holiday, food can also be one of the most stressful parts especially if you’ve got dietary restrictions like IBS.

Christmas dinner + a low FODMAP might seem daunting but don’t fret because I’ve come up with an easy low FODMAP christmas menu for the perfect low FODMAP christmas dinner. I’ve impressed some (non-IBS) friends over for this meal and kept my triggers at bay.

Starters: Low FODMAP Cranberry Blueberry Sourdough Bread

You don’t need to give up bread just because wheat flour is off limits. Kick the meal off with this cranberry blueberry sourdough bread.

Did you know that sourdough bread made with regular wheat flour is actually low FODMAP? Read all about it here:

All About Low FODMAP Breads

Top off a slice of festive bread with pate, smoked salmon or even salted butter. Butter is mostly fat and has so little lactose that it’s low FODMAP.

Is Ghee, Butter & Margarine Low FODMAP?

Don’t fill up on bread and make room for two show stopping mains and low FODMAP sides.

Let’s kick it off with a low FODMAP vegetarian christmas main that’s an entire dish in itself

Vegetarian Main: Low FODMAP Roast Pumpkin

This low FODMAP pumpkin dish is the perfect low FODMAP vegetarian main. It’s a cinnamon spiced roasted pumpkin served on top of whipped feta and sprinkled with browned butter, dried cranberries and pine nuts. 

You can replace the butternut squash for Japanese kabocha pumpkin because it’s FODMAP free. 

Main: French Style Low FODMAP Roast Chicken

low fodmap roast chicken

This french style low FODMAP roast chicken is delicious, easy and will give you the juiciest chicken this christmas. The best part? No basting or hanging around the oven necessary!

It’s stuffed with herbed butter and covered with mustard. The herbed butter keeps the chicken breast nice and juicy while the rest of the chicken roasts to perfection. 

Serve this amazing roast chicken with two perfect low FODMAP side dishes to complement the roast chicken.

Sides: Low FODMAP Scalloped Potatoes & Low FODMAP Carrot & Sage Puree

Toss out the regular mashed potatoes and maple glazed carrots. Introducing french low FODMAP christmas with low FODMAP scalloped potatoes and a carrot sage pure like no other.

The scalloped potatoes are rich and creamy. It’s cheese free but you’d never guess that. The carrot pure is sweet, savory and ultra impressive. Bonus points? Carrots and potatoes have little FODMAPs and are one of those worry free vegetables so you can *kind of* throw out portion sizes this holiday season.

End the meal on a high note with any of these 3 low low FODMAP Christmas desserts:

Vegan Red Velvet Cake (Eggless & GF Recipe)

This one bowl vegan red velvet cake is low FODMAP, gluten free and absolutely delicious. I love this recipe because there’s minimal cleanup. 

But it also comes together really fast without any annoying ingredient substitutes AND this cake recipe works perfectly for cupcakes too!

Vanilla Chocolate Low FODMAP Cake 

You only need eggs, flour and sugar to make this 3 ingredient vanilla low FODMAP cake. It’s light, airy and is topped with a simple chocolate buttercream recipe.

The best part about this cake? It’s incredibly versatile and can be transformed into more than 9 flavor variations. 

Low FODMAP Cheesecake (With AMAZING Salted Caramel) 

Not a fan of pumpkin pie for the holidays? Make a low FODMAP cheesecake topped with an irresistible salted caramel instead. 

This easy baked cheesecake is a NY cheesecake meets burnt basque cheesecake. It’s rich, creamy and low FODMAP. 

I have a sweet tooth and managing symptoms with desserts can be challenging. Creating low FODMAP desserts is one way to avoid flare ups but I also have a guide to baking and eating desserts with IBS that may help you this Christmas:

A Guide To Low FODMAP Desserts & IBS

You can’t always arm yourself with low FODMAP Christmas recipes. And you don’t want to be stuck eating the one low FODMAP dish you brought to a potluck. Which brings me to the next section: how to survive eating out for Christmas.

Eating Out: Low FODMAP Christmas Edition

low fodmap christmas recipes

You’re going to have to eat out at some point on Christmas -unless you cook and host all the Christmas dinner. Here’s how you can follow a low FODMAP diet and survive the holiday season:

  • Plan Ahead
  • Bring FODMAP Friendly Meals
  • Have Low FODMAP Snacks On Hand
  • Spread Out FODMAPs
  • Careful With Alcohol
  • Manage Flare Ups 

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead might seem simple but it’ll take out all the guessing and stress from your low FODMAP Christmas. It’s a good idea to plan with family and friends ahead of the big meal. 

Ask your loved ones what they’ll be making. You can even offer to contribute some low FODMAP options to the meal.

Instead of giving them a long list of things you can’t eat, mention a few things that you absolutely can’t eat and give some options of foods that you can eat.

Proteins and meats won’t be an issue because they’re FODMAP free but things like bread, crackers and dairy products are easy to swap out.

Bring FODMAP Friendly Meals

Planning a trip away this Christmas? You can talk to your loved ones about FODMAP friendly options but that doesn’t always work sometimes.

Make sure there are FODMAP friendly options by bringing some of your favorite low FODMAP alternatives that are non-negotiable like low FODMAP sides, FODMAP friendly bread or dessert.

You can also bring a pre-made FODMAP friendly Christmas meal. Bringing snacks is also great at keeping hunger at bay.

Have Some Low FODMAP Snacks On Hand

Avoid feeling left out and bring low FODMAP snacks with you. There are plenty of ordinary Christmas snack options you can bring without sticking out: hard aged cheeses, rice crackers, olives, some nuts, low FODMAP carrot dip, smoked meats, fresh berries and dairy free dark chocolate.

Spread Out FODMAPs & Serving Size

There are lots of myths about the low FODMAP diet. One of them being that you can’t eat certain foods or you can only have that food once like a FODMAP quota. 

Here’s the truth: You are more likely to experience IBS symptoms the more FODMAPs you have in one meal. Spread out the FODMAPs and have smaller serving sizes so you can enjoy more food throughout the day.

Careful With Alcohol

Did you know that one thirds of individuals with IBS say that alcohol worsens their symptoms? Combine that with indulgent holiday foods and you’re bound to have an upset stomach. 

Two things you can do to avoid this are drinking in small quantities (spread out those FODMAPs) and avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

IBS symptoms worsen with alcohol when it’s consumed on an empty stomach and when  large amounts are consumed in one sitting. So make sure to eat, avoid spirits and make that glass of wine (or 2) count.

Manage Flare Ups 

Flare ups can happen even with all the planning ahead in the world. This is completely normal and it will pass. Be kind to yourself, plan (even more) ahead and take a care pack with you. 

This is different for every person but here’s what I have in my flare up care pack:

  • A pair of loose pants for the bloating.
  • Medications if you use any. I like Iberogast. It’s natural herbal based liquid drops that alleviate gastrointestinal pain and nausea.
  • peppermint tea or peppermint essential oil for nausea.
  • Ear plugs for the IBS triggered headaches I get. 

I know it can sometimes be annoying to alert everyone and anyone about dietary needs, so the next section is for you folks that want to silently weed through the Christmas spread for low FODMAP options.

What To Avoid: Low FODMAP Christmas & Swap Outs 

Christmas foods aren’t listed on the list of low FODMAP foods but that doesn’t mean there aren’t low FODMAP alternatives for Christmas. Here are some FODMAP friendly options you may find hidden in the holiday spread:


Turkey (without the stuffing), chicken, duck, beef, lamb or ham (unless it’s honey glazed), all proteins are FODMAP free. Maybe just ask around about the seasoning and check if there’s any garlic or onion in there. 


Avoid those fancy canapes, pastries, breads and crackers because they’re most definitely made out of wheat flour. Only have these in small amounts if you’ve passed the fructans challenge. Stick to rice crackers instead.

Vegetables & Snacks

I don’t have to tell you that garlic, onion and (the white parts) leek are off limits. Ditch the artichokes and honey glazed carrots and stick to parsnips and potatoes.

You can have a small portion of brussel sprouts because they’re low FODMAP at 38 grams but I recommend sticking to green beans or salad.

Some snacks to avoid: cashews, pistachios, split peas, almonds and lentils.


You can probably get away with a small slice of pumpkin pie but stay away from the Christmas pudding, fruitcake or apple pie.  

And that’s how you survive the food portions of the  holidays. Amazing low FODMAP Christmas recipes, watching your portions and knowing which foods to avoid. I didn’t list the most comprehensive list so feel free to consult the Monash FODMAP food list for a more detailed explanation of certain ingredients.                                

Information about some common Christmas ingredients:

Low FODMAP Mushrooms For IBS

Which Mushrooms To Avoid

Low FODMAP Condiments

Is Cream Low FODMAP?

Are Green Beans FODMAP Friendly?

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